The oldest philosophy in the world encompasses a lush, expansive understanding of the divine accommodating a vast assortment of dynamic and multifaceted concepts.

Hinduism, the religion of over a billion people, is the world’s oldest religion and the most confusing one to non-Hindus. Some say it isn’t even a religion, more a way of life. Hindus themselves call it Sanātana Dharma, the eternal tradition.

Hinduism is the world’s oldest active religion.

It’s the…

In his book, James Clear states that you don’t have to be the victim of your environment. It’s in your hands to be the architect of it.

Do you ever feel like you’re just floating through life, but not getting closer to the person that you want to be? It usually happens around New years, you imagine all the bad habits you are going to break free from, and all the good habits you will begin.


The Backwards Law reveals that the more you try and grab a hold of something, the more it slips through your fingers.

In the mid-20th-century, philosopher Alan Watts introduced the backwards law or law of reverse effort, which proposes the idea that the more one tries to remove or escape the negative experience of life, the more negative the negative becomes. …

How the writings of Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca provide principles for a healthy and satisfying life today.

We seem to be some part of the punch line to a cruel joke. To consciously navigate this existence with the desire for safety, triumph, calmness, and certainty hardwired into us, all while being stricken to a chaotic world, fragile body, and mysterious, fluctuating, indifferent universe.

There are, has been…

Rishabh Sharma

Writer, Volunteer Tutor — P.A.L.S.

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